Self Initiated Project: Giovanni's Room

Giovanni’s Room was an Italian, Family-run, Aperitivo restaurant that unfortunately didn’t

 survive the pandemic. I wanted to utilise my skills and expertise as both a designer and as

an artist to create a library of illustrated assets that could have been used across print, digital advertising and social. As the restaurant didn’t survive, the project was designed as a case study for other small businesses to portray how illustration and animation can be utilised to create an online presence. I had initially only planned to spend a short period of time on the project but enjoyed designing, hand-painting and animating the assets so much that I found myself dipping in and out of the project throughout the most part of 2021. I plan to use the assets from the project to design my own range of kitchen and tableware.

Menu Covers

I spent a substantial period of time researching traditional Sicilian textile and surface designs (scroll to the bottom for process images). I'm really interested in pattern and print and wanted each asset to feel like a Sicilian tile whilst applying a unique and contemporary, 'Giovanni's Room' colour palette.

Above are three menu cover designs for the restaurant.

Aperitivo and Drinks Colour Palette

The original restaurant had a yellow facade and yellow accents throughout the dining area. I decided to use the same yellow as the hero colour throughout the project and created a complimentary colour palette that differed from the traditional Sicilian designs. Below - assets created for social.

Hero Colour

Secondary Colours

Darker Tones

Coffee and Breakfast Colour Palette

The original menu was divided into three sections: Breakfast, Aperitivo and Drinks. To separate Giovanni's dining options, I used yellow as the accent colour and blue and lilac as the hero colours for breakfast and coffee.

Instagram Feed

The Giovanni's Room Instagram grid was originally designed to resemble Sicialian cermaic tiles. All illustrated content sits amongst food and lifesyle photography from the restaurant.


All assets were hand drawn and painted before being scanned in and

arranged within photoshop. This includes my tile designs.

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