Illustrated Posters


A selection of hand painted posters produced for various projects throughout my studies.

Christmas: The Greatest Show On Earth


For this piece I wanted to highlight the similarities that exist between Christmas and the circus through my visuals and portray the 'show' that I feel Christmas in the 21st Century has become. Having gathered inspiration from vintage circus posters, I decided that I wanted to combine the look and feel of the old posters with my taboo subject - debt at Christmas time. I wanted to juxtapose the friendly, jolly Santa Claus, as portrayed by Coca Cola, with a more sinister message, emphasising the truth about Christmas. I decided to hand-paint my poster as I feel that the authenticity of a handmade poster makes the message more personal and is therefore more believable to the viewer.

Essay Poster: Why does the handmade graphic design refuse to submit to submit to digitization? Despite the title's spelling mistake, my poster won the course's essay poster competition, judged by student vote. I decided to produce my poster by hand as I wanted to reflect the content of my essay. I did not feel I would be able to express my passion and enthusiasm for the topic solely through digital means of production.

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