Mcdonald's UK: Summer Social Content

Assets independently conceptualised and created as part of a pitch for Mcdonald's UK's social content. The brief was to create visuals to be posted across Mcdonald's' social media channels over the summer months. My idea was to explore the brand's relationship with summer and how this could be brought to life by placing popular items on the menu in compromising summer situations. With an emphasis on character animation and set design, I came up with a range of ideas for multiple products but finally whittled it down to three favourites: McDonald's' Medium Fries,

Baked Apple Pie and Mozzarella Dippers.

Mcdonald's: Baked Apple Pie

My idea was to illustrate the Baked Apple Pie baking in the summer heat. I had initially planned to create a stop motion animation of the apple pie cooking in the sun, however, due to time constraints, I feel that this image works well as a still.

All of the props that are visible in this shot have been crafted by hand.

Scroll for behind-the-scenes photos.

Mcdonald's: Mozzarella Dippers

For this visual, I wanted to illustrate the Mozzarella Dippers melting in the sun.

I decided to make fake Mozzarella Dippers as the original product was a little greasy to work with. All additional props that are visible in this animation have also been crafted by hand.  Again, please scroll for BTS.


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